Thursday, March 14, 2013

            During the 1800’s, Slavery was at its high. Many African Americans were bought and sold, traded and bargained for the right price. Families were divided and sold into different parts of the United States. Among many of these slaves was Fredrick Douglas, born to slavery in 1818. He grew up a slave, knowing nothing until he reached of age to understand that slavery was wrong. When Douglas worked, he worked at a ship yard. Earning little to nothing, his master then would take all to everything he had earned, leaving him nothing for money, which wasn’t uncommon being an African American in that time. Using a stolen Identity of a free African American sailor, he then fled to wherever he could reach. He then dodged any white slave bounty hunter he noticed. His reason for this was simple as an I.D. card. Identification was needed to prove that you were free. So a set of papers then needed to be presented to any African American. If caught without any or false papers, that individual would be sent back to wherever area that specific bounty hunter felt needed extra or in general slave help. That was then, back in the 1800’s, but times are different now, and slavery was then abolished by Lincoln some years after Douglas’ big runaway scene. Now, prejudice against minorities, African Americans, and even whites is still at “hand and shackle” sort of speak, meaning racism still lives on today. In the 1930’s-1940’s, it was worse then that of the 1800’s. Even though slavery was abolished, African Americans were forced to live in separate communities, drink from different drinking fountains, and even go to different schools then those of a white individual. This became a term known publicly as segregation. In the famous book “To kill a mocking bird” The Finches have a help named Calpurnia. Calpurnia Lives in a separate community apart from the Finch Residents. Why this is, is because Calpurnia Is African American, apart from the Finches who are Caucasian. This is how it was in many parts of the United States at this time. Tom Robinson also lived in a separate dwelling apart from the white community. He and Calpurnia both went to separate churches also. With Atticus Finch being a lawyer, the court systems were most likely to be a majority vote of the defendant to be guilty or innocent. Since Tom Robinson was of African American decent and accused of raping a White female, more than likely his testimony would have been thrown out.
                The government had undertaken any type of individual and, or collective efforts to improve the economic status of black or non-white Americans, until the Civil Rights movement. The movement up took formally after World War Two which formally began to experience some type of success while shifting higher racial equality. One of the major movements was the banning of elementary and secondary school segregations, also culminating with social legislation.
                “12 Angry Men,” A play disputing the racial injustice of a young white male, who allegedly murdered his father in cold blood. The play takes place a jury room, with 12 jurors’, each having their own opinions on the case. This case is technically about a boy who grew up “in the slum”, so automatically the jurors’ think to themselves that the boy is uneducated, or dumbfounded, or not having manners, or any type of formal morality towards himself or to others. This clearly states a stereotype towards people of different origins. Which is a form of prejudice and racism which isn’t illegal in the United States, but racism is a hate crime and hate crimes are indeed illegal. Hate crimes, racist court cases, prejudice, these are all types of racism in America. Theses matters have not changed worth anything since the early 1930’s-1940’s. Granted times change, people change, laws change, the way people feel also change, but changing the way people are brought up hates a certain race is not popular, but it’s not uncommon neither.
                Before Ronald Reagan took office, a gap between black and white median family incomes actually widened. The Reagan administration was more like a plague to the African American Community. Unemployment went sky-high, 50% of the African American youth was counted as unemployment. Having no job means no place to go, no home, therefore ceasing to be a decent living community this may also while replacing all hope towards a hopeful future to nothing successful at all. “To kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee is a book that shows discrimination among blacks and whites in the early years. In chapter nine of “To kill a mocking Bird,” Scout Finch is being ridiculed at school for her father’s case at work. Atticus Finch being a lawyer in Macomb is appointed the case to represent a colored man. After being ridiculed for her fathers’ decisions, scout is threatened to start fights in school.
                Apart from “To kill A Mocking Bird” or “12 Angry Men” there is the Scottsboro Trials. On 1921 March, 25th, 9 young African American Boys were accused of raping two white females on a freight train. The two women, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates both testified against the Boys, saying in detail how the boys had raped them singly one after another. “6 to me, 3 to her” – Victoria Price, that’s what she said to the courtroom. On Monday April 6th, the Trials officially had started.
                Races of all sorts are experiencing some type of unemployment. In 1979 the Asian-American Families were significantly higher then that of any other minorities of that specific time period. With more home workers then the typical household, the capital Asian income was significantly lower than the U.S Average. When white Americans began counting together Asian Americans together as a whole, obscured the fact that some occupations and in some regions of the country, the discrimination against Asians took place. When work ethics got involved Asians’ who got or held superior  achievement were routinely paid and or promoted to higher work less then comparable whites.
                Another unethical thing about Asian- American Discrimination would be managerial positions. For example, If a U.S born Asian man or women would be less likely to actually hold a managerial position then that of a typical Caucasian man or women. A good proportion of the Asian populations make relatively higher investments in a higher education. Although receiving a lower return on their education rather than whites. A study by Jayjia Hsia in 1980 concluded that the Asian American faculty, had had stronger average academic accreditations are more than likely to have higher scholarly publications while being paid less than average. In sum, the labor market positional spots of Asian Americans, even some who rank higher on top are enviable. Investing higher on education, just to be able to catch up with whites who may invest lower in their education.
                In conclusion to the racism in the world, I would just like to say that I hate all races equally. I feel that every religion has problem, every, type of person, who has stereotyped another has a problem. The differenced ion equality of different races should just all be abolished and people just get over there themselves. And back then, Yes those too shouldn’t of been a problem. But it was.